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13 questions for Robert When you are a parent to a young hockey player, you get to watch a lot of hockey over the years.

You witness your own child improving as well as other children. Because Robert Tye (RT) Rice is close to my son's age, I watched him develop through the Windermere Valley Minor Hockey system, into a talented junior player. RT played for the Fernie Ghostriders Junior B team last season. The previous season he played for the Columbia Valley Rockies. What struck me most about RT's play when he was younger was his explosiveness. He was never one of the larger players but he was quick, with a hard shot and played physical. He surprised opposition players, often much bigger than himself, with hard, clean bodychecks. Through his minor hockey burberry career, RT was often relied upon to give the team a spark when it was needed most and he never failed to deliver. RT comes from a true hockey family. RT's parents are DK and Rob Rice. They have volunteered for every task it takes to put on games and tournaments. From managing to billet, the Rices have been involved at every level. Rob has coached children from the time they put on skates right up to junior. RT's sisters Cydnie, Braydi and Wasyn are all involved in hockey. This summer RT will take part in the reality TV series, Hit the Ice. Hit the Ice is a fast paced, 13 half hour, television series which sees high profile hockey professionals help a group of young Aboriginal prospects as they try to achieve their burberry bags dreams of making it to the junior level. RT was scouted for the program while he was taking part in the National Aboriginal Hockey Championship last April. The show is set to air in January 2013. RT is a quiet, polite young man. He seemed a lot bigger than I remembered him when he played minor hockey. Since being selected for the TV burberry models show he has had some attention that he is not yet comfortable with. Luckily, RT agreed to answer a few questions. BE: First, congratulation on graduating from David Thompson Secondary School. It is a whirlwind of activities, how was it? RT: Thank you, it was great. I have mixed emotions, sad about leaving my friends and them moving away for school and work, but happy that I graduated. BE: Now let's get to some serious hockey questions. What brand of skates do you use; Bauer or CCM? BE: How about sticks? Do you have different sticks for different circumstances? RT: I burberry sell use only one stick for everything. Bauer APX one piece fiberglass. BE: You played for Fernie in the KIJHL last year, what was it like coming into the Eddie Mountain Memorial Arena to face your old team, the Rockies? RT: It was exciting because I was playing in front of my hometown and I liked playing against my childhood hockey friends on the Rockies this year. I didn know very many guys from when I played with the Rockies; it was almost a new team this year. BE: How was your year in Fernie? RT: It was good; I learned a lot of life lessons, met a lot of great people, loved the fans and had a good hockey experience. BE: Did you miss being away from home? RT: Yes, especially the first month away. I missed my family and friends the most. BE: Would you have any advice for young players who are leaving home for the first time? RT: Try and get a billet that is a good fit for you and be sure to hang out with the team whenever you can, it makes a big difference. BE: Your sister, Cydnie officiates in the KIJHL. Do you always agree with her calls? RT: She officiated three of my games this year; two were exhibition games. I don't always agree with her calls. BE: How would you describe the way you play the game? RT: I play physical; bring an offensive punch with my hard shot; good skater for a big guy and a smart defensive forward. BE: You are going to be on the reality TV show Hit the Ice, how were you chosen? RT: We were scouted at the National Aboriginal Midget Championships in Saskatoon this spring.

Once chosen, I had to forward a video explaining why I feel I would be a good candidate for the show and training camp. BE: What are you looking forward to on Hit the Ice? What are you nervous about? RT: I'm looking forward to being a part of a professional training camp for two weeks and the opportunity to be scouted by Junior A or higher league. I'm nervous about being on TV and talking to people I don't know.

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