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Burberry Even-Retangle New Sunglass Light Purple official sale online x454739K


50 purse split or no fight agrees to a 50 50 purse split, he can "forget about fighting me on November 12.

" Wright stated, "I didn't go looking for him, he's come looking for me and if he wants to fight me on PPV November 12, it's got to be 50 50." Wright doesn't want to hear about the risk Mayweather would burberry polo sale be taking either. "People look at that and say, 'yeah Floyd is moving up all burberry outlet cashmere scarf price the weight and he's taking all the risk, but it's a risk for me too because after I'd beat him people would say it what I was supposed to do. I have nothing to gain by beating him. Look, I'll fight him but if it's not 50 50 down the middle on everything he could fight someone else. After my fights with Shane Mosley and the fight with Tito Trinidad that generated way more PPV's than his fight with Gatti, it has to be 50 50, otherwise it's not worth it to me." Regarding the $6M that was already refused to fight Oscar De La Hoya. "Look it's negotiation and when we were ready to keep talking to make it happen, Oscar said he wasn't fighting for the rest of the year, but if he's fighting on May 6 and he wants to make a fight, here I am." Closing in on the end of his career, middleweight contender Ronald Winky Wright (51 5, 25KOs) returns for burberry outlet arizona the first time in two years when he faces EBU champion Matthew Macklin (28 2, 19KOs) on April 9 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The former undisputed junior middleweight champion spoke with Suge Green of OnTheGrind Boxing Radio and gave his reason for accepting a fight with Macklin after two years of being inactive, and explained why he turned Macklin down last year read more. 13 Oct 2009 14:22 Winky Wright To Return on December 11, Puerto Rico According to adviser Damien burberry sale cheap Ramirez, middleweight contender Winky Wright will return to action on December 11 in Puerto Rico. Wright will see action for the first time since the April loss to Paul Williams. Wright turns 37 in November and has only fought twice since 2007.

"Winky has always liked Puerto Rico, and has a close relationship with (Felix) Tito Trinidad and wants to make a fight on the island," said Ramirez to Primera Hora read more. 30 Dec 2008 13:46 WRIGHT WILLIAMS ON HBO IN MID APRIL Boxingtalk has been informed that negotiations for a potential rematch between former undisputed middleweight champion Jermain Taylor and middleweight Winky Wright have it a major snag and it now appears that Wright will mix it up with WBO interim junior middleweight champion, and one of the most avoided men in boxing, Paul Williams. If a deal is solidified, the bout would take place at the middleweight read more.

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