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5 Homepage Week Thirty ThreeFriday, May 26.

It was quite a busy week for the children in 45B. The grade fives finished their swimming program on Monday and we wrapped up the Living component of the Health Curriculum on Thursday. Ms. Furnival was in the class on Tuesday and Wednesday so that grade fours could begin transforming their castle model / research projects into interactive presentations. Although they bumped into some obstacles with their wiring on Tuesday it seems as though they had significant successes on Wednesday. While the fours were working with Ms. Furnival on Wednesday, the grade fives began their of matter science unit. We identified three states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) and discussed the differences between physical changes of state and chemical changes of state. We then did three experiments connected to these ideas. The grade fives will continue this science unit next week. Unless things change, I plan to give the burberry us online store children a quiz on 2D geometry on Thursday of next week. I sent home a collection of practice pages (and an answer key) on Friday and we will review key ideas from this unit next week. The grade fives have had their final period for their cyborg project and are starting to turn their attention to their pamphlet and their presentation. I anticipate that they will be presenting their work to their classmates in the first full week of June. Everybody in the class selected a page from Night for Kids and started assembling their jot notes and working on strategies for reading their passage aloud. The children will sign up for a presentation time on Monday and we will start presentations near the end of next week. Your child can bring his / her passage home to practice next week. The weather cooperated for Track and Field on Friday and it seemed as though the children enjoyed the event. They were very supportive of each other's efforts. Week Thirty TwoFriday, May 19. The Grade Fives certainly had a busy week. They spent Wednesday and Thursday at an outdoor education program called Stars. They went swimming on Friday morning and then participated in the Rope for Heart event during the second block on Friday. I am very proud of the Grade Fours. They spent all of Wednesday in a different classroom and, on Friday when the Grade Fives were swimming, they spent what I hope will be their last block in a different classroom this year. They worked very well in their temporary classrooms and made significant progress on several of their assignments. This week the grade fours worked on their Medieval Castle project. They had a little time to build their models and started writing the paragraphs that b?berry sale will be a part of their display. Ms. Furnival will be in next week on two days so that the grade fours are able to start working on building an interactive presentation into their castle display. The grade fives will have one more period to work on the construction component of their cyborg attachment and then will be responsible for putting together the pamphlet for their attachment. We will also be starting our final science unit of Matter next week. Both grades will continue to work on their novel studies next week. I anticipate that the children will be finished their novel by the end of the first week in June and will start working on two tasks connected to their reading. As I mentioned in a letter that went home a last week (and in the letter that went home on Thursday), 4/5B will be covering the Living component of the health curriculum next week. We will have two class sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday and I will be doing a final session with the grade fives on Thursday. (Mr. Hopkins will take the grade fours and do some final track and field practice with them for about forty minutes on Thursday.) The School and Field event will be taking place on Friday. It is very important that the children come dressed for the weather and make sure that they have a hat, a water bottle and sunscreen. I aim to send home a collection of 2D geometry practice pages near the end of next week so that the children can prepare themselves for a 2D geometry quiz in the first week of June. We finished reading Night on Friday and the children are going to be given a short presentation task next week that is connected to our work with the story. The children are going to identify a scene that they feel is important and will create points as jot notes. They will read the scene to their classmates and use their notes to talk about why they selected it. They will not have a completely written text to work from. The children will also be given their final drama task next week and will have the chance to work on their presentations in early June. If you have not returned your child permission form for our trip to school, I would ask that you try to do so as soon as possible. Enjoy your long weekend! Week Thirty OneFriday, May 12. The grade four students started working on their Castle Project this week. They are responsible for watching videos about the lives of burberry usa Knights and Serfs. They have also learned a little bit about Lords and Ladies and are in the process of deciding what rooms they wish to include in their castle model. Ms. Furnival and I are hoping that the children might be able to take advantage of some of the Hyperduninos that we have in the school to create an interactive, multi media presentation. The grade fives are almost done creating their cyborg extensions and will be turning their attention to the pamphlet for their invention next week. I anticipate that they will be starting their model making project next week. As one of the key ideas of the grade five look at early explorers and First Nations culture in North America is the way that the two cultures interacted, the grade fives will be looking at Sainte Marie Among the Hurons. They will be split into two groups and will be responsible for learning about the site and creating an interactive model of it. I would also like to mention that, burberry polo sale on Tuesday, the grade fives were able to mail their letters to the Minister of the Environment for Ontario. We had a final discussion about the way that our the World project and our Animals awareness work is connected to the way that governments need to gather information from different groups and respond to groups with different interests and needs. The grade fours are in the early phases of their Civilization independent research project. The students have been encouraged to come up with a topic that is of interest to them that falls within the years of 3000 years before year zero and 1453. They will be able to research their topic and come up with their own method of sharing their ideas with their classmates. We are continuing to work with 2D geometry concepts next week. We have explored parallel lines, different kinds of angles (obtuse, acute, etc.) and different types of triangles.

Starting next week, the children will be drawing upon these ideas to create a variety of shapes and we will continue to develop strategies for classifying shapes. The children are working through their novels and they will have more time to read next week. The class is about half way through the children edition of Night and, by the end of next week, they will be identifying the part of the story that they wish to share and discuss with their classmates.

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