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Burberry Even-Oval Sunglass Transparent White official clearance 9I6U6827


22 filthiest eateries that scored a zero hygiene rating Twenty two food outlets may be putting diners at burberry outlet cypress risk having earned a zero hygiene rating the lowest possible score for food safety and cleanliness.

Fly infestations, out of date food, dirty surfaces and cross contamination were just some of the issues highlighted by inspectors. A zero star rating indicates improvement is necessary and inspectors have the power to close down a business if they think there is an immediate risk to the public. Scroll down for the full list Restaurants are judged on three areas: the hygiene of the food served, the cleanliness of work surfaces burberry outlet london prices and appliances, and how well management keeps cleaning records and acts on criticism. Outlets with a zero rating are likely to have scored badly against all three criteria, says the Food Standards Agency, which oversees the national food hygiene rating scheme. "In my opinion things are generally improving. The worst places will have closed and businesses are getting more competitive bad hygiene just isn't tolerated now by the public" Peter Lincoln, food and safety team leader The 22 Kent premises with a zero score include 14 restaurants and takeaways and eight food shops. It's a tiny proportion of the 10,729 food outlets in the county, 94% of which have three stars or above, according to the Food Standards Agency. But the potential dangers of dirty surfaces and cross contamination can burberry cape sale have burberry brit outlet online serious consequences, including various types of food poisoning. Campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK. You can see it, smell it or even taste it on food, but it can make people ill for several days.

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