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60m of solar parks in north Cumbria A 60 million solar explosion is set to strike in north Cumbria.

The huge potential investment figure can be revealed today as green energy firms scramble to secure swathes of land to develop. They include two firms with proposals for three separate multi million pound solar farms within just a few miles of each other on the edge of Carlisle. And they're plans that could prove controversial, with opponents arguing the huge farms some the size of up to 14 football pitches are a blight on the landscape. Supporters, however, say their benefits are huge. If the proposals are waved through by planners, they could generate power for tens of thousands of homes in the county. Many developers are also promising to pump hundreds of thousands of pounds into the economy through community funds, similar to those set up for wind turbine developments. And the wave of applications shows no signs of slowing down. In the burberry outlet rosemont last three weeks Eden Council has received 10 bids to install solar farms in the district. Allerdale Council has received a further two applications in the last month, adding to the 22 it's received since 2013. Carlisle City Council has received three so far this year with a further one for Wreay, five miles south of the city, being lodged this week. Carlisle MP John Stevenson said it was important north Cumbria was able burberry jackets on sale online to capitalise on any investment through solar parks. "If that sort of investment is going in, then there could be the creation of jobs and that adds to the Cumbrian offering. It also fits in with Cumbria being a centre for the production and supply of energy," he said. Critics of solar parks argue that the huge farms are "industrialising" the countryside. Developers say they're a good way of producing clean energy without the need for often unpopular wind turbines. It was reported last month that the Government was preparing to cut subsidies for smaller solar farms of up to five megawatts, which account for many of the applications in Cumbria, to cut spiralling costs on green energy projects. The news may have prompted a number of developers to act quickly and start the application process before that cash support disappears. Power firm New Energy for the World GmbH held a public consultation last night about their intention to build a 5.5m park north of Rockliffe. They say the 25 acre Blackdyke Solar Park will be able to power 1,250 properties if given the green light. The firm has also revealed plans to build a similar size park on land between the M6 and A689 near Houghton. Another company, Lightsource, has earmarked a site just off the M6 at Heathlands Farm, close to the Kingmoor Park industrial estate. Their Heathlands Farm project, which could also cost in the region of 5m, will be able to power around 1,300 homes, according to the firm. They add it will save 2,300 tonnes of carbon emissions every year the equivalent of taking 505 large family cars off the road. The company wants to hear people's thoughts on the scheme and have organised a community information evening at the Rockcliffe Centre, Rockliffe, between 5.30pm and 8pm on Monday. The firm says the solar farm would be well screened from roads and the majority of nearby homes by existing trees and hedgerows. It will also put in place a bespoke "biodiversity management plan" which will protect wildlife. The land can also be retained for agricultural use. The collection of burberry warehouse sale bids in Allerdale has led to three full planning applications in Westnewton, near Aspatria, Workington and Bothel. The only one to have been approved by the council's development control panel was the Pasture Farm project at Westnewton.

Livos Energy constructed the solar park on the 80 acre site to the north of Aspatria but the plans faced ferocious local opposition. The one at Moor House Farm, Workington, was thrown out in May with councillors also rejecting the plans for Bothel last month. David Colborn, chairman buy burberry online of the Friends of Rural Cumbria's Environment, says the group is not against renewable energy or solar panels, but insists they must be put in the right places.

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